Preguntas frecuentes

We have prepared the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions; If your doubts are not solved here, please do not hesitate to contact us!

¿Ecannomy meets with Colombian legislation?

And, ecannomy is constituted as a commercial agent companies SAS.

What is that of the digital hub?

Ecannomy means is a platform that helps companies to be more competitive relative to their business processes / production, products or services using digital technologies.

We rely on an infrastructure that provides access to the latest knowledge, experience and technology to support our customers with pilot, testing and experimentation throughout the value chain.

¿Ecannomy final consumer or serves only to companies?

We are clearly oriented companies, But our vision is to make the final consumer can access better prices, information and quality in all products of medicinal cannabis. Patients are our reason for being.

If I am a patient, Can I get finished products through ecannomy?

No, only we work with finished products to the wholesale.

What should I do if I want to be part of the Marketplace of ecannomy?

Get in contact with us on here.

What filters used ecannomy to ensure that the companies with which it works are legal?

Due diligence do companies we work, well if companies require licenses in any of the various forms, We review these documents are in order.

Can I purchase products from outside through ecannomy?

And, contact us and depending on the type of product you are looking for, we will show you the relevant catalogs.

Can I purchase services from outside through ecannomy?

And, contact us and depending on the type of service you look, we will show you the relevant catalogs. Please note anyway, that most of our service providers are located or have representation in Colombia.

¿Ecannomy has a stake in any companies announced?

In none, as a digital hub, Ecannomy not involved in any of the companies with which it works, this in order to be impartial in front of the market and to offer the best information and advice to all actors cannabis.

How do you calculate the price indicators published at the beginning of your page?

They are calculated from various international sources, and most important, of the movement of the market we know firsthand.

Who invests in projects managed within ecannomy?

Different investment banks and private investors, domestic and foreign.

How you earn money ecannomy?

We charge a commission on services and products advertised on the marketplace, the Commission does not change between companies offering the same service or product, It is ensuring that we do not favor one over or other.