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Request # 1:

Country: Brazil

Product: CBD in Bulk with less than 0.2 THC (preferably oil or water soluble raw material)

Requirement: EU GMP and the country of origin must be a PIC/S member country


Request  # 2:

Country: Brazil

Product: Cannabis-based finished product with clinical studies


᛫ Pharma Grade GMP certificate nation by health authority of PIC/S member country

᛫ Stability study for climate zone 4 B


Request # 3:

Country: Colombia

Product: CBD clones or seeds


᛫ Percentage of CBD 50:1 THC, CBD 15% or more.

᛫ Clones or seeds approved in the central height zone, 2.200 – 2.800 meters.


Request # 4:

Country: Israel

Product: Dronabinol, THC Isolate >95% or THC destillate >90%

Requirement: EU GMP, COA


Request # 5:

Country: Colombia

Product: CBD Dry Flower

Requirements:GACP compliance


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